What clients are saying about working with Sweet Life by Design

Simply put, Leah has excellent taste. She staged our home in Short Hills, selecting everything from wall colors and electrical fixtures to bathroom vanity and bed linen. She was thorough in her walk through, detailed in her suggestions, and cost conscious—even using her own coupons to keep costs down our costs! But what sets her apart is how she went above and beyond to get the job done. On the day of our staging, a snowstorm brought the town to a standstill and made staging impossible. Even though she had another staging scheduled the next day, she came early and returned late evening, working into the night to finish our home. Our home looked so beautiful and well-coordinated, we almost wanted to buy it!

—Mudit, Short Hills

When we prepared to sell, Leah transformed our home into a welcoming, elegant space. I was amazed at her creativity and resourcefulness when she turned a cluttered kids’ arts and crafts space into a stylish sitting room, and made an eat-in kitchen where none existed before. Presenting the house for showings was a snap: it was beautiful and stylish yet still easy to live with and recreate at a moment’s notice. In fact, she made our house look and feel so much more together, we decided to stay!
— Janet L, Maplewood
The Sue Adler Team has worked with Leah for several years and will continue to do so because she provides a definite value to our clients. Leah’s staging eye creates an emotional connection with the buyers, which in turns brings greater activity, resulting in a quicker sale and more money in the seller’s pocket. The Sweet Life By Design team is courteous, responsive, and great at what they do, while always keeping the client’s budget in mind at all times. We view them as a part of The Sue Adler team.
— Sue Adler, Keller Williams Realty

With a keen eye for clean, inviting lines, Leah is a real pro, and a pleasure to work with.  She is not only creative, trustworthy, and patient—from proposal to implementation, she delivers every step of the way. 

—Staging Client, Short Hills, New Jersey

"Until Leah Gomberg and Sweet Life by Design staged our home we had no idea it could look so lovely. 

Our home (built in 1930, three bedrooms, two baths) was always cozy and cute. But it reflected our family's personality, which was okay for us but not necessarily for potential buyers. When we put our house on the market, we wanted people to imagine that it could be THEIR future home.

Leah and her team made this happen. First, they encouraged us to de-clutter -- by giving a unattractive pieces of furniture to Goodwill or the junk man; ridding built-in bookshelves of an excess of books; stripping a broad mantel of myriad family photos and tschotchkes; and generally putting extraneous items on counters and shelves throughout the house into cupboards or boxes. We also removed worn area rugs from lovely golden-wood floors. Suddenly the house look airy and spacious.

Then Leah and her team swooped in, Within a few hours they had moved our furniture items into new and elegant configurations, shifted some of our vases, figurines and coffee table books into more strategic locations, set off our sofas with nice-looking cushions, introduced their own sculptural items into mix, placed fancy towels in our bathrooms to make them look like they belonged in fine hotels -- and much more.

When our son came home from school that day he was wowed -- and he scolded us (good-naturedly) for not having decorated our home so nicely in the first place. I'm convinced that the staging helped us sell our house, for a good price."

–By Gabriella Stern Levy, former resident of Short Hills, N.J.

Home staging has become an essential part of the home selling process. With her eye for design and uncanny ability to bring out the best in each room, I highly recommend Leah Gomberg. My clients love working with her because Leah is so professional and pleasant. She is wonderful at optimizing light and making every room inviting and warm. I have even seen her add an accent piece or reconfigure a space in a way that immediately sparks the imagination. Listings photograph better and homes sell faster when my team uses Sweet Life by Design.
— Victoria Carter Broker/Associate
Meticulous and creative in her approach, Leah elevated our home from nice-enough to gorgeous. She re-arranged our furniture to streamline the family room and she somehow transformed other rooms from pedestrian to eye-popping. The best part? She worked hard to stay within our budget. Selling a house is always stressful, but Leah’s expertise really lightened the load.
— Lizette Glen Ridge, NJ

“I cannot recommend Leah highly enough.  I’ve witnessed her ability to transform the several homes we’ve collaborated on.  She has a sharp eye for decorating and a wonderful attitude.  I always look forward to working with her, confident that her staging will make all the difference in sales for my clients.”

–Suzanne Lear, Broker
Lois Schneider, Realtor
Summit, NJ


Leah, I want you to know that I was delighted with the final outcome but also impressed with how the whole team worked together to make it happen.  I like the way you used what was here blending it with what you brought and making this old house have a more youthful feel.  Thank you for all your advice and suggestions along the way and for a final outcome that really is quite beautiful.  Whether it works or not we will just have to see but in the mean time I plan to enjoy it.                     —Betsy  Summit, NJ

Within a few days of staging, our house had multiple offers and sold for above asking. In our new home, Leah has helped us with wall colors, window treatments, furniture buying and layout, and much more. We continually recommend her to our friends.
— Corinne T. Summit, NJ
Working under a very tight deadline, Leah managed to come in under budget and boost my overall bottom line. Thanks to her expert staging, we were in contract within two weeks of the open house! If you are selling your home, definitely give Leah a call.
— Lauren McBride

Leah, thank you so much for all of your work, talent, and creativity.  I have to admit that I was skeptical about spending the money. Having watched a trillion staging shows (Sabrina Soto actually recommends the color we used in the small bedroom), I guess I wondered how much will a design eye bring because I was obviously going to declutter the heck out of the place, freshly paint most rooms, and give each space a purpose.  Fast forward to the evening after you did the staging and I'm saying to Tom, I can't believe I ever thought I could do this without her.  As I said that day, it's so far beyond my expectations that it's hardly worth mentioning my expectations because the distance between expectation and result is so vast.  I've read that staging adds an average of 10% to the sale price.  Again skeptical, I thought that can't be true -- must be the stagers association's data.  I’m a total convert now.  I can clearly see how the value of the house has changed dramatically in light of your work and I'm extremely grateful.  

I think what I like most is something that's hard to describe so for want of a better term, I'll say 'the vibe'.  I think it was genius to choose orange and blue -- such an energizing combo and it even invites the bathroom tile to the party.  The little accents of orange and blue everywhere almost seem happy.  The whole house feels upbeat.  It just makes you smile.  And, to me, that seems like it will be an incredibly powerful asset as we go on the market.

—Sally Allen, Maplewood 2015

What a job! We could not have done it without you, Leah and the gang - the team that was here was great - thank you again. 


I know that I had some doubts early on, but in the end, it all turned out very well.    

I appreciate that you listened to my concerns, dealt with them, and made the house look clean and updated.

Also, your staff was very professional and it was a pleasure working with them.

—Gary D., South Orange 2017

My Goodness, Leah, I just finished looking through them all — Phenomenal.  So lovely.  So, first, of all, can you come to San Francisco and make our home there feel as coherent and whole?  Second, and this is corny, we loved this house which was beaten up and a bit abused when we bought it.  So, it also feels nice to have it so lovingly shown off.  Houses don’t feel just like dwellings to me.  They hold families lives, memories, give them safety, a place to land. We will miss this one.  And it is nice to see her given her due, if you know what I mean.


Just want to drop you a quick thank you note for the beautiful staging of my home.  You and your team were amazing....

—Ilene Y.

The house looks wonderful. Thank you and your team for really great work. I’m sure it will make a big difference when people walk through.

—Ellen, 2019

Full range of skills, from staging a house to sell to decorating a house for updates. Efficient, timely, creative, high energy - a delight to work with
— Vickie Brooks, May 2019