Q. How long does it take to stage a home?

A: Set up can take anywhere from one to three days. After the initial consultation, we provide a written proposal with an estimate of how long your home’s staging will take. Once the scope of work is agreed upon, we work quickly and efficiently to implement the plan


Q. How far in advance do I need to schedule a staging?

A: If our schedule permits, we will accommodate last-minute staging, although we recommend 2-3 weeks notice to ensure that we can work within your timeline.


Q. Do you rent or own your furniture and accessories?

A: Sweet Life by Design owns all of its own furniture and accessories in a range of styles. We carefully select from our inventory to ensure that we choose the most up-to-date and appropriate styles and colors for your home


Q. My client will be living in the house during the sales process. Can you help us?

A: Absolutely. Our proposal will include recommendations of how to create a space that you can live in and pull together for showings with minimal fuss. Typical strategies include repositioning furniture, eliminating clutter (we'll even pack for you), and adding and/or removing accessories to enhance your home's presentation.


Q. We need repair work, painting and floor work. Do you do that?

A: We are happy to refer you to reliable vendors who we normally work with when we give you your staging proposal. Or, for an additional fee, we can manage their work for you.

Q. How long will my home be staged for?  

A: A standard staging contract is 60 days. This gives you enough time to go through the entire selling process while still having the property perfectly presentable for inspections, walk-throughs, etc. from beginning to end.


Q. Do you have references?

A: Yes, we have many satisfied clients, both agents and sellers, who are happy to speak with you about their experience. We're happy to provide names and numbers on request.


Q. Who does the actual staging?

A: We are a small, passionate hands-on company. Leah does the consultations herself in order to decide which furniture and styling is best for your property, and she works with a trustworthy crew to complete the installation.


Q. You staged my friend's house and it looks great! I'm not moving, but can you help me improve the look of my house??

A: Yes, absolutely! We can stage for the way you live every day. Give us a call for a consultation.


Q. What about pricing?

A: Our staging service is priced competitively, and our clients often comment that it delivers more impact—and value— than they expected. Plus, while there are no guarantees, staged homes on average spend 88% less time on the market and go for 17% more than those that aren’t staged. More often than not, staging pays for itself.